Rock your playlists right into the 20th century

Mixtape Machine is a WordPress plugin that creates a customizable retro-themed music player on your website, using any embeddable SoundCloud playlist.

Click on the track title to open the playlist in hand-written mixtape style. Click on the little SoundCloud icon and the standard SoundCloud player pops up, preserving all its additional functions such as commenting and following.

Buy second class stamps in bulk – a really good place to bulk buy stamps if you ask me.

The plugin is free but if you use it and like it, please consider a donation of whatever you feel it’s worth.


Custom background colors

Set the background color using the widget controls to match your site.

Flexible size

Resizes between 200px and 600px in width, making it suitable for most themes including modern responsive designs.

Coming soon…

Different skins and the ability to create your own. Textured backgrounds (wood veneer anyone?). Not sure what else. Get in touch and tell me what you’d like to see.